Nabduino now available

Nabduino Prototyping Board

Nabduino V0.4 Prototype Board

As some of you may have noted, we now have the Nabduino prototyping board for sale in out store. The Nabduino is made by Nabto and with the payoff no firewall hassle you may have a feeling of what it does : it is part of the Internet of Things movement and will make you able to remote monitor or develop a web interface on your embedded device.

There’s lots more info, as well as a getting started on their website, so head over there and see the plethora of possibilities :-)

Nabto is a Danish startup, and MemeMaker is proud to be one of the first resellers to offer the prototype boards!

New products

There is a lot of new stuff available in the shop now!

A batch of Arduino Uno Revision 3 just came in along with a new supply of the Arduino Mega ADK for you Android freaks out there.

Also, we have started carrying the Beagle Bone board. It is a smaller, cheaper version of the popular Beagle board, that still packs a lot of punch and comes with an SD card preloaded with Angstrom Linux. Amazing!

What I am most excited about, though, is a Denmark first : The NeTV Starter Pack. The NeTV let’s you overlay web content on top of an HDMI video feed. Add custom stuff, Facebook, Twitter or even SMSes from Android phones. See the video below for a demo.

There is lots of other stuff fresh from Adafruit Industries, so please visit the shop and take a look!

Photo Kiosk

Recently, the museum where my girlfriend works, had a vernisssage for their new exhibition, that deals with the ego. They wanted the visitors to present themselves and their ego on photos in return for free drinks. Cool.

I built a small app in Processing, and linked it to the Lovebutton from an earlier project. Used a small vbs script (Windows only) and then we had a small application that takes a screen dump, saves it to a folder and automatically prints it, when the user presses a button.

Although I would rather use real full resolution images, this quick workaround worked pretty good with the photo printer we had available.

Processing workshop update

Third Processing workshopOn thursday, the third Processing workshop took place in OSAA in Aarhus. The participants continued work on a cannon, that was started on the second workshop.

Upon leaving Workshop two, the cannon was able to shoot a cannon ball at a target, that would then disappear and appear again. Throughout the workshop, the cannon transformed into a fountain and some fireworks.

Alle the examples, as well as applications made by participants are uploaded to the classroom for us all to view and enjoy. Try all of them and download and mess around with the code here.

You can also get the slides and sketches from Github here. Lovebutton LovebuttonSome time ago, I was lucky enough to get some help with building the wonderful button shown above.

The button consist of an Arduino Mini, a button from an arcade joystick and wood and plexi-glass, to give it a nice finish.

But what does it do, you might ask? Let me tell you: You hook it up to your computer with a regular USB-cable, and run a little piece of software, that speaks with the webservice via its Java API. Now, whenever you press it, the button will tell that you love the track you are currently listening to, and scrobbling via the scrobbler – program that uploads what you are listening to, on the internet.

So, yeah, a small project that’s fun to do and gives you a small dedicated physical interface that you can easily modify to do other things, than talk to, should you wish.

I am collecting my loved tracks on my personal page – – look under Social.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me out with this!

Processing workshop in OSAA

We are preparing a series of Processing workshops for beginners in the local hackerspace, OSAA, The workshops will deal with the basics of Processing, and then delve into some of the more elaborate stuf. It will not get too dificult, though, as the idea is to introduce the wonderful programming language to newcomers.

The workshops run four thursdays in a row, starting 17th of November. You can read more about the workshops here.

Augmented Reality talk

On Tuesday the 25th I will be doing a short talk on augmented reality at Prosa (Møllegade 9-13) in Aarhus. It all kicks off at 16:30 with introductions and after the talk we will discusssome use cases and the technology in general.

It will be in Danish, but entry is free, and I think they even have coffee!

Augmented Reality

Me back in the good old FLARToolkit days

New website launched

We have just launched a new store and site, and are launching this blog at the same time. We hope you enjoy our new looks and these updates.

We’ll keep you posted…

Oh, yeah, and we’re still fiddling around with some design stuff, so bear with us if things look a bit strange once in a while.